” Wonder ” Logo

This is my Wonder Logo. It’s a logo that I made for one of my classes at Bradley University. The purpose of this project understand logos and create my won.I produced it using Adobe Illustrator. In this project, continued with may learning of vector drawing in Illustrator and grew in my understanding of fonts. 
With this logo my main priority was add a mascot to a logo and still keep it sleek. For example, the mascot, an Asian Black Bear, has a crest on his chest in the shape of a moon. So with that, my goal was to turn that crest into a crescent moon and a “W” for the name “Wonder”.  The actual bear was a design made to show a sense of wonder too. 
 This project for me showed the potential that any logo could have. For instance with this logo, while I appreciated who it turned out, I think I could have done more in terms of detail to Crescent “W” and Bear. I could make the more ethereal and the moon a bit smaller and more curved.  As a first time user of Illustrator though, I’m proud of it all.